Our Weekday Preschool Ministry is a part of the preschool ministry of First Baptist Church and is in session Mid-August thru Mid-May. It is a cooperative effort between the church and the home to effectively teach children the years prior to them entering kindergarten, therefore, preschoolers must be turning 2, 3, or 4 years old.  During these foundational years, we believe in centering on the child, focusing on the spiritual, relational, physical and mental development of the child. The curriculum is Bible based teaching the basics; colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet. These are taught through music, art, group time, play and hands-on activities.  Classes use the Abeka Curriculum for its strong academic and biblical foundational curriculum.

Weekday Preschool is a ministry of our church where 3 & 4-year-olds are taught biblical foundations and kindergarten readiness. 

To apply for the Fall session, use the below link to the registration form.

All prices for weekday preschool are:

$120 Registration & Supply Fee (Due w/Registration Form)
$120 Monthly Tuition
$40 Celebration Fee 

If you would like to register, please download the form below, print it, fill it out and deliver it to the church office. You will have to pay the registration fee when you turn in your registration form.