Welcome to the Student Ministry at First Baptist Church Haughton

Upcoming Events:

Midweek Worship

The Student Ministries Midweek Worship services will be back on August 11th at 6:00pm! They will be back to our normal weekly program and our grade specific Bible Studies. This will also be the first week that we welcome our new 6th grade students. It will defiantly be a great night, and we hope your student can join us as we kick back off the school year!

Student Life Groups

We are so excited to have our Life Group leaders back this Fall! Your student will get to meet their new Life Group Leaders on August 8th, so make sure you have them here! This is the heart of our student ministry, so it is crucial that your student gets plugged into their Life Group!


Ascend is an event that welcomes our upcoming 9th grade students to the High School Ministry. Parents and students are invited to come and spend some time having fun, meeting Joey, and plugging into the High School ministry. Saturday, August 14, at 4pm at Risen Rock Climbing Gym. Please register below or the student ministry facebook and instagram.

Our Student Ministry exists to partner with parents in leading students to KNOW their faith, OWN their faith, and making their faith KNOWN

Weekly Student Ministry Opportunities