Partnering with you in teaching your preschooler from birth until they enter first grade

Preschool years at FBC Haughton

Knowing these formative years are crucial, we seek to lay Biblical foundations for your child’s mental, physical, spiritual and social development. Our goal for your preschooler is to enable them to associate God, Jesus, the Bible and church with happy and safe experiences. These concepts are taught through art, blocks/construction, books, dramatic play/home-living, music, nature and puzzles. Playing is a preschooler’s way of learning, as it is their “job.” Some day they will be parents, employees and neighbors. Our prayer is for each child to grow up in a home with parents who have a personal relationship with Christ and who will teach them based on God’s Word in Deuteronomy 6:5-7.

Preschool Weekly Schedule


9:30am Life Group

11:00am Life Group


5:50pm Check-in Begins

6:00pm Midweek Blast classes for Birth-K5

*Available while parents attend Adult Choir practice or the Midweek Bible Study

Sunday Morning Life Group Bible Study

During the Life Group hour, Bible teaching is available for babies through Kindergarten while parents attend adult classes. Using the “Bible Studies for Life” literature, teachers are ready to care for and teach preschool children they are loved by God and their church. This balanced approach begins laying foundations that are sound and age-appropriate.

A Warm and Secure Welcome

As you and your preschool children approach the downstairs check-in desk, a team of volunteers will be waiting to greet your family. First time guests will be asked to fill out a brief form while a security sticker is printed for your child. One tag is placed on the child, or the baby bag for infants and toddlers, and the corresponding tag is for the adult, bringing the child, to keep. FOR SAFETY AND SECURITY, WE ASK THAT 1 ADULT ENTER THE PRESCHOOL SUITE WITH THE CHILD. Rest assured, if your child cries for an extended time, we will text or call the number listed on the guest information card. Pagers are available upon request.

What to bring

When packing a diaper bag for young preschooler, please include the following
• 2-3 Disposable Diapers
• A complete change of clothing
• Bottle with juice, formula, milk, or water
Older preschoolers snack consists of water and either, animal crackers or gold fish crackers. PLEASE LIST ANY ALLERGIES ON THE GUEST INFORMATION CARD AND TAKE ONE OF THE ALLERGY STICKERS AVAILABLE AT THE REGISTRATION DESK.

In order to keep track of your child’s items, please label all items including, pacifiers and cups, with your child’s first and last name.

For infants/toddlers and guests

After checking in and receiving a security tag, please knock on the door of your child’s classroom. A teacher will come to the door to welcome your family. Pagers can be checked out from the table stationed between the Butterfly and Parrot rooms. When checking out the vibrating pagers, please list all preschoolers in your family. The parent who accepts the pager is to have it on himself or herself at all times when away from the child. If there is an emergency or any problem involving the child, the pager will vibrate and the parent will need to come to the preschool suite. Pagers are returned at the conclusion of the worship service and checked out again the following Sunday. In the case a parent doesn’t respond to the pager, your child’s assigned security number will crawl across the screens. All parents are asked to keep your security tag handy and ready to check should this happen.


Snacks are provided for our older preschool children. The snack consists of water and either goldfish or animal crackers. Please inform the classroom teacher and the check-in volunteers if your child has any food allergies.

Baby Dedication at First Baptist Haughton

Baby dedication is a ceremony in which parents make a public commitment before the Lord to raise their children according to God’s Word and God’s ways. In this service, parents are acknowledging their need for God’s wisdom, guidance and strength in parenting. Parents dedicating their children have attended a “New Blessings” class prior to dedication Sunday and are making a promise to the Lord to raise their child in a Godly way. Baby Dedication ceremonies are conducted bi-annually with upcoming dates published in the church newsletter.

Background Checks

Each adult serving in our Children’s Ministry has gone through a background check through Protect My Ministry. Teaching and caring for our preschoolers takes many volunteers and we ask each parent with children regularly attending to go through this process in order to help when the need arises.