We look forward to working with parents in teaching children during his/her elementary years.

Teaching from the Bible & using Bible-based curriculum | Our goal is to help children build relationships with God & others

We offer a variety of purposeful activities and programs geared to help each child come to know Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. We strive to develop in our children a positive attitude toward God, Jesus, God’s Word, self and others. Just as Jesus grew physically, mentally, spiritually and socially, we help our children do the same through Bible stories, worship, prayer and Bible-learning activities. Our grade school children attend Sunday morning worship services with their families, and they each receive a special bulletin designed just for them.

Grade School Weekly Schedule

Sunday Morning

9:15am Life Group

10:30am Worship Service (attends with parents)

Sunday Evening

6:00pm Bible Drill (during the school year)

Wednesday Evening

6:00pm-6:45pm Children’s Choir

6:45pm-7:30pm Team KID (Kids in Discipleship)

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Using “The Gospel Project” literature series, children are taught a chronological study of Genesis through Acts with activities to meet the needs of their different learning styles. Just as Jesus modeled love, kindness, concern and compassion, kids will begin to understand these traits and how this can look in their everyday life.

Sunday Evening Bible Drill

Bible Drill is offered during the evening worship service for children in grades 1-6. Bible Drill is held September through May and builds strong Bible skills in the lives of children and their families! Through a unique mix of activities, children will learn and memorize passages that enable them to make life applications through God’s Word.

Choir & M3: Music, Missions & More

During the school year, children are taught God’s Word through music and rhythm activities. When scripture is put to music, it’s easier for children to recall and use in their lives at school and home.

After 45 minutes children transition into M3: Music, Missions & More, learning about God’s Word through games, Bible stories and activities.

At FBCH we believe worship begins in the home with children learning to worship God from family members who show love for God in their daily lives

The Sunday worship experience can be a transition for children and their parents. When a child enters 1st grade, our church celebrates by giving them their own Bible and celebrating their being able to worship together with their church family.