Baptistry Team

The Baptism Team helps baptismal candidates on the day of their baptism with robes, towels, opening the baptistery, and ensuring the baptistery is ready for use the next time.

Prayer Team

The Prayer Team prays earnestly for our staff, the Sunday School leaders, our membership, the lost in our community and around the world, our missionaries and mission work, our local, state, and national leadership and any specific prayer requests that are made.

Bereavement Team

The Bereavement Ministry coordinates feeding families and comforting them during the loss of a loved one.

Counseling Team

There are times in life when we need help figuring out the next steps to take. We have a counselor available to help with these special needs.

Counting Team

Help count tithes and offerings each week.


Encourages shut-ins with visits and by bringing the monthly newsletter.


Help those in need of assistance during difficult times.

Disaster Relief

Coordinated disaster relief through the Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief Teams.


The Fellowship Ministry Team coordinates all of our church-wide social events, including setup and clean up!