Safety Teams

Since everyone matters, the Safety Team is responsible for ensuring the safety of our guests and members. Our safety team members are friendly, able to spot unusual things and calm in stressful situations. The Safety Team is comprised of four teams.

Parking Lot Team

The Parking Lot Team will support our members and guests through friendly, interactive contact, paying particular attention to visitors and guests as they make their way on campus.

Medical Team

The Medical Team will be prepared to be available to help in cases of medical emergencies on campus

Law Enforcement Team

Provide protection and leadership during emergency situations

Sentinel Team

The Sentinel Team’s responsibility is “to stand and keep watch.”  The Sentinel Team is to be on the alert for anything suspicious that may be taking place and contact our Law Enforcement Team, be on the alert for emergency medical situations, and in the event of natural or man-made disaster, the Sentinel Team, will guide our members and guests to predetermined safe locations.

Welcome Team

Everyone Matters so we make sure people are greeted warmly, taken where they need to go, and introduced to members of FBCH. Our Welcome Team is outgoing, friendly, & always smiling. Most importantly, they love people & they love Jesus. The Welcome Team is comprised of five teams.

Greeter Team

Greeters provide one of the first personal and physical touches that most people will receive at FBC Haughton as they come on campus, which is why it is so important that this interaction is a positive one!

Visitor Escort Team

The Visitor Escort Team help escort our guests to a Sunday School class, beginning with taking the youngest child to their class first, then the next oldest, etc… until you escort the guest to their class.

Informational Team

The Information Team serves in both of our information centers, providing information about upcoming events, assists with event registration, and finds answers to questions they do not know

Usher Team

Ushers provide a critical role for our Host Team by ensuring our guests and members are greeted warmly and that they are able to find seating.