Get Connected

We are a disciple-making church. Therefore, connecting with a Life Group and engaging in multiple disciple-making opportunities is critical for members. We believe Jesus’ method of making disciples involved speaking to the masses (Jn. 6:1-15), modeling a disciple’s life with a Life Group (Mt. 10:2-4), investing intimately in a group of three (Peter, James, John), and being refreshed by spending time alone with the Father (Luke 6:12).  The goal of our disciple-making strategy is to launch disciples to “go” and live a transformed life that makes disciples who make disciples (Mt. 28:16-20). Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ is an incredible journey and believers must connect well to a local church.

How to be and Feel Connected

Be involved regularly in a Sunday morning Life Group and attend worship.  We suggest new members attend two or three different small groups before they decide which one to connect with. We also expect all members to participate in our staff-led Connections class. Be informed about what FBCH has going on by:

  • Subscribing to FBCH email updates
  • Like and comment on our facebook and twitter pages
  • Pay attention to video announcement screens on Sunday morning
  • Pick up a Sunday bulletin, which are handed out as you enter the building or are available at information centers.
  • Pick up a copy of the monthly Herald newsletter on the first Sunday of the month at available online or at information centers.
  • If at any point, you have questions, please contact the church office, 318-949-2441 or

Be an advocate of FBCH ministry by speaking regularly to others about the great things you see God doing at FBCH. Be a co-laborer and not a consumer.

Be a disciple-maker.

  • Members feel most connected when they are investing in others. Disciples making disciples is the goal.

Life Group Bible Study

Life Group Bible Study is a major part of our overall disciple-making plan. We understand Jesus’ method of making disciples included modeling a disciple’s life with a  small group (Mt. 10:2-4). We believe it’s critical for members and guests to connect in one of our Sunday morning small groups. This is an open group where you will find connection with real people according to your age, gender, and/or stage of life. Group members study the scriptures in community and experience life together. All group members are encouraged to engage in a leadership role: outreach, inreach, ministry/missions, and prayer. Our leadership team awaits the privilege of helping you connect. Contact Scott Sullivan ( for more information on how to connect.

Christian Life University (CLU)

The purpose of CLU is to equip believers with discipleship skills to increase their faith and usefulness in Kingdom work. We offer dozens of classes for children, youth, and adults in a semester-based format. Classes run for eight weeks in the Fall and eight weeks in the Spring. The classes are designed to develop leaders who create leaders within their class to continually staff CLU. We have a list of classes here.