Sunday Services: Lifegroup - 9:15am // Worship Service - 10:30am

Spring 2017 Courses

February 19 – April 23 6:00pm

CLU Kick-off Fellowship February 19 at 5:30pm

We will not have CLU classes March 26 or April 16


Spiritual Discipline

Apologetics (Chapel)

Do you know what the bible teaches about angels, abortion, hell, heaven, cults, etc.? Join this class to hear various preachers teach on these important topics and more.

  Leaders: Dr. Gevan Spinney, John Fream, Dr. Brad Jurkovich,

  Dr. Jerry Pipes, Dr. David Hankins, Dr. Chuck Pourciau, Dr. Clovis Sturdivant, Dr. Bill Tolar, etc.  Cost: $0

Beginnings: New Christian Study (E136)

This group is for all Christians, especially new believers, who want to learn the basics of the Christian faith: How to Abide in Christ, Live in the Word, Pray in Faith, Fellowship with other Believers, Witness to the World, and Minister to Others.

  Leaders: TBA

  Cost: $0


Lessons from the Tackle Box

Men, join this challenging study to gain a solid biblical perspective on the real treasures in life. If God were to take you home today, what would your wife and children hold in their hands tomorrow that would let them know that they were your treasures?

  Leaders:  TBA

  Cost: $10

33 The Series: A Man And His Work (E206)

Provides practical teaching, powerful testimonies, interviews and creative elements to help men understand work from God’s bigger perspective. MEN JOIN TODAY!

  Leaders:  John Alford & Chad Wise

  Cost: $10


Precepts – That I May Know Him (E208)

All Ladies are invited to join our Precept Bible study of Philippians and Colossians beginning 9:30AM January 24th. To register, please contact Rachel in the church office.

Leader: Peggy Causey (Tuesdays)

  Cost: $10

The Armor of God

An invisible war rages around us daily in our hearts, minds, marriage, children, dreams, and destiny. Join this group of ladies to learn how the enemy fails when he meets a woman dressed for the occasion!

Cost: $15

Leaders: Zara Dreher, Heather Hickman & Misty Brown



Losing a family member or friend can seem very lonely. GriefShare is designed to help face the challenges that come with suffering a loss and help you with rebuilding your life. You will be in a group setting with people who understand grief. Each session includes video screening, group discussion, personal study, and reflection. This is a 13-week course.

Cost: $15

Leader: Dr. Ronnie J. Burns

Praying for the Prodigal (An Independent At-Home Study)

Less than 10% of the Millennial generation are reported to be bible-believing Christians. That means 90% of us have a prodigal child or grandchild. WOW. Join this class to learn how to pray for your prodigal!

  Cost: $15 (Prayers for Prodigals by James Banks and

  Reaching Your Prodigal: What did I do Wrong? What Do I Do Now?   By Phil Waldrep)

  * Since this is at-home reading, feel free to join another CLU class on Sunday nights.

Powerful Prayer for Every Family: Praying a Hedge of Protection (An Independent  At-Home Study)

Less than 10% of the iY and Millennial generations are reported to be bible-believing Christians. That means the majority of parents are fighting an uphill battle! Join this At-Home study to begin praying over your family members and access the power available to every Christian.

Cost: $5

*Participants will order the book on their own. Please register at so we can track how many are using the resource.

Extreme Grandparenting

Grandparenthood is far more than rocking chairs, fishing, and Branson trips. It is a second chance to do all of the “ought to’s” and “should haves” that the busyness and demands of daily parenthood kept you from doing. Grandparenthood allows you to play a key role in writing the history of a generation that you will some day leave in charge.

Leaders: TBA

Cost: $10

Marriage 101: Back to the Basics (E214)

Marriage CAN be great. Recent statistics show divorce rate well over 50% for Christians and non-Christians . God’s Word gives timeless help for you to genuinely thrive as a married couple. This is a great class for all married couples and those considering marriage.

  Leader: Steve & Toni Irvine

  Cost: $15

Grace-Based Parenting (E232)

For ALL parents of children and teenagers. Do you want a new map for learning to see yourself and your children through God’s limitless tenderness – to raise our kids the way God raises us? Register today as we embrace the grace God offers and create a sound foundation for raising morally strong and spiritually motivated children.

  Leader: TBA

  Cost: $10 (scholarships available)

Constitution Alive! (B106)

Join this insightful class to learn the biblical foundation of our Constitution from two of the nation’s top religious rights leaders. This is a DVD-driven class with a facilitator leading rich discussion.

  Leader: Gary Duke

  Cost: $0

Financial Peace University (E224)

Your money, Your story. Learn God’s way of handling money with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. The average turnaround is $8,000 in just the first three months! Register online today!

  Leaders: Mike Keith

  Cost: $109/Couple


Sewing For Orphans, Stitched In Love (Joy’s Shop on Hwy 80.)

Interested in making a difference while using your sewing skills? Learn God’s Word while making dresses for orphans. Learn how to give the love of Jesus through giving to others in need.  Experience how the love of Jesus is woven into everything we do as Christians. Sewing machines will be provided.

  Leader: Joy Bunch

  Cost: $0 (Will be asked to bring supplies as needed).

Evangelism Training (E203)

Join our team to learn further how to share Jesus effectively. This group will specifically train how to give a survey at the Easter outreach event that leads to a gospel presentation.

  Leader: Mark Hagerhjelm & team

  Cost: $0

Praise Jam (Fellowship Hall)

Bring your instrument and play along with experienced musicians. You will receive instructions on how to play your instrument (as unto the Lord); and bible based lessons about the songs you play, as well as the “stories” that inspired the songs. NO matter your skill level…come enjoy the gift of playing an instrument for His honor.

  Leaders:  Brit Green, Herschel Barnes, & William Norton

  Cost: $0

Vocal Enhancement (Choir Suite)

This class is designed to help people that have a desire to become a more effective worshiper in the Praise Choir. You can expect to increase your knowledge and ability to use your voice to praise our Lord. Topics we cover…Music, art or heart; Choral book notations; Vocal Dynamics; Voice Control; Pitch control; Articulation; Breath Control; Blending Harmony parts; Stage presence.

  Leader: Scotty Gibson

  Cost: $0

Resolving Everyday Conflict (E228)

We all have conflict. Maybe you have recently had “moments of intense discussion” around the breakfast table or with an overbearing boss. Register online today to learn: the root cause of conflict, when to overlook an offense, what makes a good apology, what forgiveness really means, how to deal with difficult people. Every couple and bible study leader should attend.

  Leaders: David and Brandy Mitchell

  Cost: $10

Attend One, Serve One (Children’s Area)

If you are willing to serve in the Children’s Area so others can attend or teach CLU classes, please sign up ASAP, or call the Children’s Ministry Office for this class. Thanks ahead of time for serving!


Student Journey Groups (D220)

Students in 6th-12th grades are invited to embark on a journey into deep Bible spiritual growth to strengthen their walk with Christ. Groups will be 3-4 students with an adult facilitator.

  Leaders: Brandon Lewis & Lesley Duke

  Cost: $0

Prayer 101 (D217)

Students in 6th-12th grades will study the Lord’s Prayer and make application to their lives today.

   Leader: Blake Lewis

   Cost: $0

30-Minute Missions (Will meet briefly in the gym and then be off campus)

Students in 6th -12th grade will meet in the gym for instructions and then depart to participate in 30-minute mission projects around Haughton.

    Leader: TBA

    Cost: $0

Student Ensemble (D209)

Students in 9th -12th grade will practice and prepare to perform on selected Wednesday nights and Sundays.

    Leader: Terri McAnn

    Cost: $0



What if every parent and child in our church could quickly find any reference in the Bible? What if the Bible was seen as easy to use? These “What Ifs” can come true with intentional (AND FUN) hands-on activities. Through games, activities, stories, crafts and cool snacks, Bible Dash will help all children learn valuable skills that will last a lifetime! Bible Dash continues throughout the school year during the evening service.

  Leaders:  1st Grade Rm.200           Bill & Susie Taylor

  Leaders:  2ndGrade Rm. 202          Zondra Bayne & Lacey Smith

  Leaders:  3rd Grade Rm. 204          Tina Glasgow & Nicole Hrdlicka

  Leaders:  4th- 6th Grade* Rm. 201  Cathy Weeks & Andrea Spinney

  * For children planning to participate in the upcoming drills

Beatitudes: Living a Life Full of Blessing

Children in grades 4th– 5th  who aren’t preparing for the upcoming Bible Drills, can be a part of this CLU experience where they will learn, first-hand, about the wonderful ways God shows His love in their lives, no matter the circumstances.

Leader: Daniel & Brigette Lowery & TBA

  Grades: 4th – 5th  Rm. 203


K4 and Kindergarteners will sing and worship after a small group time together. This session will include music, games and stories following-up

on their Life Group lesson from the Sunday morning.

  Leader: TBA

  K4 (Gator Rm.)  Kindergarten (Rhino Rm.)